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Hi all! Glad you are here! My name is Chloe Skeese and I am a Kentucky-born photographer. My love for photography began to grow in middle school when I was chosen to photograph the 8th grade trip we took to Washington D.C. A great trip, but I was sick the whole time.

After that, when I got to high school I began working for the school newspaper as a photographer and writer -- I believe this is where I grew in my fondness for writing. Graduation was approaching and I wanted to do something photo related, I just did not know what. One day, the editor of our newspaper mentioned I should look into Western Kentucky University, so I did. I found out they had a photojournalism program and I knew right then and there that is where I wanted to be.

I started at WKU in fall of 2017, I joined a sorority, I made friends, it all seemed great. College is challenging enough, but balancing more than one thing on your shoulders, along with a job, is difficult. I felt like I was never as good as the other people within my major. I always tried to get the best stories, I tried to find the best lighting, but nothing was working. I felt defeated. I believe it was my sophomore year of college when I had my first portrait class and I THRIVED. I loved learning about lighting set-ups, working inside in a studio, and finally being able to have some creativity in my work. I finally felt like I belonged somewhere.

Starting junior year of college, I began taking pictures for people who wanted them. I didn't have a "business" per se, it was more for fun. Senior year I had more people who wanted photos, mainly senior portraits because all of my friends were graduating. That was in 2021, and now, here I am in 2022 and I feel like I am slowly making a name for myself as a photographer.

I still have moments of weakness, I am definitely not perfect. Running a business has its challenges but it also comes with great opportunities such as traveling to new places and meeting new people.

I am so thankful for my photography business and everyone who has supported me, even from the beginning. I cannot thank you enough. You are why I am here today, doing what I love.

Onto the next chapter . . . 2023.

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